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Pet Sitting

In home pet sitting is an alternative to caging your pets at a boarding facility or  having to place your pet with friends or neighbors who aren’t trained to meet your pets every need, or provide them emergency care should a situation arise. Pet Sitting provides your pet with the care they need while you are away right in their own familiar environment, safe, secure and happy.

We will first visit your home to meet you and your pets to determine how you would like your pets cared for and share with you all the services we will be able to provide. .

While you are away we will feed, take out, exercise and play with your pets on our visits. As an experienced veterinary technician, I can administer all of your pets medications or tend to other needs as necessary to make sure your pet is cared for in just the same loving manner that your family would provide. House sitting services are included at no additional cost, including bringing in daily mail and newspapers and packages , taking trash and recycle out on scheduled pick up days, turning lights on and off to make your home appeared occupied, watering house and porch plants and more. We will also mow your yard if you are gone for an extended period of time at an additional cost of only $20.  Pet butler services are also offered such as scooping poop from the yard and cleaning litter boxes, aquariums and other pet cages. When you have multiple pets, choosing in home pet sitting services will allow for every fish, bird, hamster or snake to be cared for at an affordable price.  I have extensive experience working with exotic and difficult or aggressive animals. 

Even when you are not leaving home overnight, there may be instances in which you may need our services such as unusual working hours, an illness or scheduling difficulties.  You can call anytime to request a single visit, allowing you the freedom to choose to stay away from home longer than your pet would like to wait for you.   Pets are relieved and excited to be greeted by us to let them out, walk or feed them while you are away.  So go ahead and plan to go out to dinner with friends, take the day trip with family or friends and know that your pet will be taken care of in your absence.

It would be our pleasure to accommodate any needs you may have. Let us know how we can help you.