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... . . Nutritional Consultation

All animals need the correct nutrients in order to survive. For animals to successfully thrive it is vital to evaluate their food nutritional value and their personal needs. Many foods are loaded with sodium and packed with by-products and fillers that do nothing nutritionally for your pet.

Most of the commonly available pet foods today fail to support healthy bones, teeth, muscles and coats and provide essential antioxidants to help prevent disease and illness and support longevity. Proper specialized nutrition helps your pet maintain a healthy body. Pets lives are short and they deserve to feel their best and live long happy lives.

Providing good, healthy nutrition is every pet owner’s responsibility and should be researched and understood in order to properly care for your cherished pet. Allow me to utilize my experience and knowledge to further educate you on what food to choose four your pets. 

Paws 'N' Fur can help in many ways with tips and consultations associated with getting and keeping your pet nutritionally healthy.

Ask us about your pet's proper nutrition and learn more about what makes a healthy pet a happy pet. Call to schedule an in home consultation. Fees start at just $25.