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Paws 'N' Fur Pet Services  -  904-338-6876

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Grooming Service

At Paws 'N' Fur we place extra emphasis on providing your pet with a stress free grooming experience. The extreme activity, multiple changing groomers, bathers, noises and unfamiliar situations provided at most commercially operated grooming shops creates anxiety for most animals. Necessary visits can be very stressful.

Our home environment, as well as experience, provides your pet with a playful, comfortable, loving experience that can be compared to being at a day spa. We groom one pet at a time after the pet has become comfortable with the surroundings and has interaction with other animals if they choose, providing for a much more calming atmosphere.

We pride ourselves in providing a quality grooming experience and a professional visual result. We treat your pet to the pampering it deserves for a day out at the spa.

Grooming services offered range from a basic bath and nail trim to complete professional grooming. Prices range from as little as $6 for a nail trim and grinding to $50 for a large long haired dog who needs a total body clip.  All baths include nail trims.  There are no hidden, unexpected costs.  My fees are much less than the commercial grooming fees, and your pet will be given a much more personalized experience with a groomer that they have learned to love and trust.

Appointments are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Please call for an appointment.

*All tips received are placed in a fund to help support rescued animals. Please see our Animal Rescue page for more information.